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Thoughts after getting that good good COVID-19 booster

By Kathleen Yount

WED OCT 06, 2021

This is your friendly yoga teacher, telling you not to trust your friendly yoga teacher when it comes to counsel about COVID-19 (or any counsel, really, that isn't about yoga) -- unless of course your yoga teacher is a licensed, certified, and currently practicing infectious disease specialist or public health specialist. Those are the people who can counsel you on COVID-19.

Too many of my colleagues are out here on social media (or worse, in their classrooms) using phrases like *love* and *community* and *compassion* and *inner truth* to justify behavior that is not in keeping with the philosophy of yoga. Yoga philosophy charges us with taking care of everyone. Period. In this public health emergency, the yogic way is listening to the public health experts. The yogic way is to follow their counsel, which means getting vaccinated if you are eligible and, at the moment, wearing a mask when you are inside with people who don't live with you. Period.

OK that's it, carry on!